When looking for a Beaverton Chiropractor, the choices are endless. It seems like there are thousands of chiropractic, sports injury and auto accident injury clinics, and massage therapy centers to choose from. At Cedar Mill Chiropractic Clinic, you’ll experience a real difference.

At Cedar Mill Chiropractic, you’ll receive personal care and treatment and will never be talked down to as if you’re exaggerating the pain you feel or don’t understand what you’re experiencing. Dr. Lauren McCabe and the Cedar Mill Chiropractic team realize that you understand your body better than anyone else, so your chiropractic treatment will be based on that – your pain will never be taken lightly. You’ll be engaged as an active partner in your chiropractic care, and a holistic, evidence based approach will be used to incorporate not only chiropractic adjustments, but therapeutic exercises, massage therapy, and nutrition, so the need for prescription medications is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.

Get past the pain that comes from sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, ruptured discs or even migraine headaches. Let Cedar Mill Chiropractic help you get back to life!

Learn more about Dr. Lauren McCabe, Chiropractic Doctor, the rest of our team, and our approach to your chiropractic treatment.

Call Cedar Mill Chiropractic Clinic today at 503.646.3393 to get past the pain and get back to life!

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